Free Tours

The AstroPléiades Association and the St-Légier Development Society have joined forces to offer free guided weekend visits throughout July and August.
These visits are open to everybody (over the age of 7 years) and no reservations are required. Meet at 2:30 pm at Pléiades station to start the visit which will last approximately one hour.
We are looking forward to seeing lots of you here!


Cadrans Solaires


Cartes suisses et définitions



Equation du temps



Table des déclinaisons



Rapporteur degré



Rapport Equateur Eté



Rapport Equateur Hiver



Cadrans Verticaux / Horizontaux Modèle



Style pour Cadrans Verticaux / Horizontaux Modèle



Découpage Instructions de montage du Cadran Equatorial



Découpage Instructions de montage Cube à trois temps


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Astropléiades site always open?

The Astropléiades site can only be visited from May to October.


2. How can I come to Astropléiades?

It is possible to go either by car or by train. The train brings you directly to the Astropléiades departure while by car you will have to walk 20-25 minutes to the summit.


Fore more information, click here.


If you wan to, you can also hike until the summit of Les Pléiades. From Blonay, you can walk on the pedestrian tracks. It will take you approximately 2 hours to arrive on top.


3. Is the Astropléiades site suitable for children?

The Astropléiades site is interesting for adults and children. Nevertheless, it would be better for children aged 7 and more.











4. Can we walk somewhere else in Les Pléiades?

If you want to extend the space exploration you can take the pedestrian track of the planets. During the walk, you will find 10 educational display points.



More information in the section The Planets track.


You will find the other walking possibilities on the Les Pléiades website.


5. Is there a place to have a pic-nic?

You will find a pic-nic area in the middle of the Astropléiades site. This pic-nic area offers a grill to make barbecue. On top of that, there is a playground just next to it.






6. Is there restaurants somewhere?

Directly next to the Les Pléiades station, you can go eat something at the Les Pléiades restaurant. This restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday from 9:30 until 18:30.


Visit our section Eat & Sleep.


7. When are the trains coming up to Les Pléiades?

To check the complete timetable for Vevey – Blonay – Les Pléiades, please click on the official webpage of the CFF.


8. Is there any guided tour of Astropléiades?

Yes, the guided tours can be booked by contacting the Blonay station at the following number: 021 926 80 40.


Free guided tours are available each week-end during July and August in several languages (French, German, English and more).

Practical Information

An ideal location

Good to know…

Suitable for children: Yes

Accessible with a pushchair: No

Accessible with a pushchair: No

Equipement: shoes with good profile

Toilets: Yes (at the train station or at the restaurant Les Pléiades)

Parking: Yes (parking des Motalles)

Restaurant des Pléiades

Next to the “AstroPléiades” site, is situated the chalet-restaurant of “Les Pléiades”. In a cosy and relax atmosphere, come and take a refreshment either at a table outside or inside.
In summer or in winter, the restaurant is open and offers several traditional dishes like fondue or “meringues” at dessert.
If you want to celebrate something special in “Les Pléiades”, the restaurant has got a banquet room that can welcome up to 100 people. It is also possible to stay there overnight.

To get more information, please check the official webpage

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Check the official webpage Goldenpass where you will also find some information about the Astropléiades site. Take the opportunity to look at the offers on the other train tracks.

Check the website of Montreux-Vevey Tourism and get to know the promotional offers and the actual events in the region.

Check the website of Blonay and stay updated about the actuality of the district.

Check the Society of Development from St-Legier which is sponsoring the guided tours in summer.

Check the website of the Vevey Observatory.

To go further, please visite the the website of the Geneva Observatory.

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