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2.2 The Sun

The sun

Numerous objects revolve around our Sun. Several planets can be seen with the naked eye.

To give an idea of the distances in which the nine planets orbit, we have reduced the diameter of our Sun from 1,390,600 kilometres, to the size of this metallic sphere of 3.70 metres.

Using the same ratios of reduction, the orbit of the planet Pluto would pass by the summit of the Grammont situated 15.6 km from here.

On the arrow nearby, can be found in the same order and scale, the nine main planets of the solar system. Moving away from the Sun, we have Mercury, Venus, the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the dwarf planet Pluto, and the dwarf planet Pluto that was “declassified” in 2006 and is from now on known as a “dwarf-planet”.