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One step more to the stars

AstroPléiades is open.

Don’t miss “La nuit des étoiles filantes” on August, 10 2024.

See you soon at Les Pléiades

Let yourself be enchanted by the nature’s beauty that offers the site “Les Pléiades”.

Directly at the arrival of the train, you will find the astronomical site “Astropléiades” that will seduce people of all ages in the exploration of the stars and the solar system.

To extend the pleasure, take the stars track to Blonay where you will encounter different didactic stones in relation with astronomy during the whole trip.

Have a nice visit!

The Seasons

This display illustrates the effects of the seasons on the Earth du ring its year-long orbit.

The microscope

This microscope is the distance separating the Earth from the center of our galaxy.

The Rangefinder

This experiment enables you to understand the basic method of measuring distances in astronomy.

The vertical cercle

This device enables the angular position of the Sun in the sky to be measured.